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1TakeOcho releases the last installment of self-named EP's with 'Ocho III'

Following the release of his single "Love" (featuring Griff Tyler & Xian Bell), Compton's 1TakeOcho surprised music fans with the last installment of his EP series with "Ocho III." The EP contains 7 tracks with features from Kalan.frfr, 1TakeJay, 1TakeQuan, & Tyler J.

Catering his melodic sound were producers ThaEastieBoyz, LowTheGREAT, RoMo, KennyProducedIt, Fortwoe & more. As Ocho continues to dive into his sound & grow as a song writer, the "Ocho III" is a great example of how an artist can grow alongside his colleagues all the while, staying in his own lane.

1TakeOcho prides himself on being the melodic artist out of Los Angeles's 1Take crew (AKA the 1TakeBoyz). With his unique tone that has a slight touch of autotune, Ocho brings fourth sincere emotions through his music & lyrics.

Although his music journey began much later than the rest of the crew, Ocho hasn't let up from sharpening his talents. With emotion filled vocals & lyrics that speak from experience, there's no holding back as he brings forth the best of him in each track.

With a slight push from fellow friend Kalan.frfr, Ocho realized that he had nothing to lose if he pursued music. From there he began the journey of discovering his sound, perfecting his vocals, & deciding who he wanted to work with.

Since releasing his latest mixtape "Undeniable" in October of 2020, he's followed up with a handful of music videos & features. As he delivers "Ocho III," he hopes that music fans are able to see the growth & continue to grow alongside him on this journey.