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1TakeQuan and 1TakeJay link up for new visual "Wiggle" (remix)

The power of social media is a force to be reckoned with as we continue to see time & time again. Whether it’s aiding a classic in hitting the charts again or having a new track hit the charts for the first time -- its power is immaculate and independent artist 1TakeQuan has experienced that power to an extent.

During the summer of 2020, 1TakeQuan took it upon himself to deliver a new track every week. One of which being “Wiggle” produced by LowTheGREAT. Gaining 1k plays within a few days, the track was promoted for the time being before the next week came along & he was onto the next.

Little did he know that months later, the track would gain over 10k plays on SoundCloud alone, all while gaining organic traction on TikTok. With that he began to promote the track itself once again, this time getting the attention of fellow clique member 1TakeJay.

Jay suggested they do a remix & within a few weeks it was done.

The visual shot by REALMOVIE, shows 1TakeJay representing 1TakeQuan in court for being too ratchet. A duo that are both ratchet within themselves as the contagious track takes over the court room and everyone in it.

Check out the visual for "Wiggle (REMIX)" Ft. 1TakeJay below.