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Aaron Reflex talks inspiration behind debut EP 'Reflex Season'

The nine-track project is out now on all platforms.

Aaron Reflex is a Queens-based artist who is ready to show the world what he's capable of. His sound incorporates a mix of rap, hip-hop, R&B, trap, and soul.

For Reflex, (real name Mustafah Aaron Steele), music started out as something that was a recreational hobby but turned into something that he became passionate about. His recent release called Reflex Season is his debut project and shows off his skills as an artist.

The audience reaction to Reflex’s undeniable talent has been immediate from both the music industry and his rapidly growing fanbase. With the release of his debut project, Reflex said that "people are showing support and making videos to different songs on Reflex Season."

"I would say the response is great for a first project but I am just getting started with releasing everywhere, and need to keep applying pressure and show I am diverse and consistent."

It’s safe to say that this talented artist not only blurs the line between hip-hop and R&B music, but also creates some infectious melodies.

You can read more about him and listen to the new EP below.

How would you describe your sound to readers who may not be familiar with you? I would say my sound is diverse. All of my songs don’t sound the same. Sometimes I might sing and sometimes I might rap, or sometimes I might do both. I would say my music is a combination of rap, R&B, soul, hip-hop and trap. I want my music to bring emotion out of the listener. I want to get better at doing this with my future single and album releases. In the future I also want to explore other genres and try to create some hits. What ultimately inspired you to dedicate yourself to a music career? My love of music inspired me to peruse it as a career. Music has helped me get through a lot of tough times. Growing up things were rough. No matter what I go through good or bad music is there constantly. So I dedicate a lot of time to it because I believe in myself and have a love for it. I know what I can do and I trust my product. I am also willing to put in the time and effort to get better. Tell us about the project that you recently released, Reflex Season. I recently released a nine-song album on all streaming services called Reflex Season. I also released a single recently called “Outrageous.”  What has the response been like to that project? People are showing support and making videos to different dongs on Reflex Season. I would say the response is great for a first project but I am just getting started with releasing everywhere and need to keep applying pressure and show I am diverse and consistent. Time will tell and display that combined with my work ethic. What are some projects you’ve done in the past that you are most proud of and why? Even before I was Aaron Reflex I was making music and putting up covers on SoundCloud under other names. I produced myself and was doing project mixtapes with songs and trying to remix every song I could. Before I had pro tools I was using free programs like audacity and mixing and producing for me and friends. I have taken those songs down for copyright reasons and because I got way better.  What’s next for you? Are you working on any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for? Include some dates if you have them. I have a EP and another project besides Reflex Season I want to release before the end of 2020. No official release date however singles will be released before these projects. Going into 2020 I want to keep trying my best to be consistent and keep applying pressure. What message do you hope fans take away from your music? I want people to strive to be better and I want people to feel what I felt when creating the songs because they come from the heart. I make music based on what I go through and experiences. I want people to be able to enjoy my music.

Where can we follow you on social media? AaronReflex.com Instagram: Instagram.com/AaronReflex Twitter: Twitter.com/AaronReflex1 Facebook.com/AaronReflex YouTube.com/AaronReflex https://open.spotify.com/artist/2TMMGFIYfuoL3wnHJ5M9xO?si=jm4duAjDQPuymtTc1ry7XA https://music.apple.com/us/artist/aaron-reflex/1451370121 Soundcloud.com/AaronReflex