• Jason Leal

Ally Cocaine talks new project 'Pop Out' and building her brand up

Ally Cocaine's project Pop Out is out now on all platforms! The project includes features from Too Short and Yoty Benjii.

Bay Area-native Ally Cocaine talked with Remixd Magazine about her new project, Pop Out, which dropped today, March 12th. The Oakland native has been pursuing music since 2016 when her #sogonechallenge went viral.

The emcee has also stated that her sound is "versatile and unpredictable." While her new project, Pop Out, has a hyphy vibe and influence, Ally can also adapt from a street style type of rap to a hyphy record, conscious on the next, then "might get hella freaky on another." Her versatility will definitely be a determiner for her success in the future.

When asked about how she got her artist name, Ally said that it just stuck.

"I go by the name Ally Cocaine, my real name is Alexandria," she said. "To be honest, when I was employed I went by Ally so people began to call me that and it stuck. Cocaine came to me when I used to get dressed and I would use the hashtag, #cocainestylin. I changed my IG name to Ally Cocaine and it just stuck."

She decided to pursue a career in music because it was always such a big part of her life.

"Music has always been a major part of me, since middle school but just an off kind of hobby," she said. "I began pursuing music in 2017 when my #sogonechallenge went viral."

Ally makes a great impression on her first track from Pop Out. The song titled "Do$in," featuring the iconic Bay Area legend Too Short is a certified hit and has potential to serve as the next Bay Area anthem.

Ally Cocaine has some certified Bay Area slaps on her new project, with her single "Do$in," as well as her other songs "Wake Em Up," "Jimmy Neutron, and "Goer" ft. Just Bang, which all exhibit that hyphy Bay Area flair, guaranteed to hit and get you moving.

In her track "Well Connected," Ally displays her rap prowess as a boss as she delivers a slower track that showcases her street game, which is a guaranteed vibe. The song is short but has this finesse that makes you want to listen to it over and over again.

Further, the Bay Area native has seen much success in becoming the voice for the women in her community. Ally Cocaine declared once she discovered that her music and voice could have a tremendous impact, she knew she had to keep grinding and utilize her platform to its fullest extent, build up her brand, and make her voice heard. Ally Cocaine lends her voice to the women in her community who can relate to her experiences.

"My first audience and fan base were women," she said. "At that time, I was speaking from a place of heartbreak, so I resonated with them. In doing so, I was able to become an empowering figure in my community."

Ally Cocaine wants to build up her career while making a withstanding impact on her fans, community, and the world. Her main goal, which might be shocking, isn't music-centric. Her passion is to become a motivational speaker and use her voice to impact the world and people around her. To continue inciting this power, strength, or charisma beneath every single person. Ally also states one of her goals is music-centric, which is when she learns more about the music industry, she wants to guide new and independent artists.

Pop-Out is Ally Cocaine's latest project since her 2019 tape, Pressure.

IG / Twitter/ Facebook as @ally_cocaine.

Check out Ally Cocaine's project Pop Out below.