• Tallie Spencer

Alternative R&B artist papichuloteej talks new single "How Does It Feel" & announces upcoming music

San Diego native papichuloteej (stylized in all lowercase) is a rising R&B singer establishing his talents as a promising newcomer to the genre. With a sound that incorporates blends of pop and R&B, the artist has a unique musical range that he describes as "a fresh twist on alternative R&B."

With songs like "S.O.S." and "Getaway Driver" both having rhythmic hooks, catchy melodies, and creative punchlines, the crooner stands out amongst his peers in that he sings from the heart and his music emits a genuine, organic feel.

His recent track, "How Does It Feel," which dropped in January 2020, is an upbeat, melodic song that seems geared towards a past-relationship.

"How does it feel, to know that you lost me?" The crooner sings on the hook of the track. "Don't say you love me, I say that sh-t too often."

In an IG Live interview with RemixdMag, papichuloteej revealed that it was indeed intended to be a petty song.

"It's a song that sounds good singing it, but it's also like petty as f-ck," he said during the interview. "I really do wanna know, like once all this time has passed, how does it feel?"

The artist also announced that he has a new project on the way, titled "Stars Align" which is dropping this upcoming Tuesday, May 12.

In the meantime, you can listen to "How Does It Feel," below. You can also follow him on social media here and watch a clip of his interview with RemixdMag on Instagram.