• Jason Leal

Anees talks about his latest release, "Slip," why he makes music, and what's next for the artist

Anees is gearing up to release his forthcoming track," Love is Crazy," which is dropping June 8th!

Anees, located in the DMV, where D.C., Maryland, and Virginia converge, has been making noise with his latest single, "Slip." The song has done significantly well across the board, garnering close to 800K streams on Spotify, the first 600K streams in the first month alone, currently his most-streamed song to date.

Anees has said it's been remarkable the amount of support and love he has seen across all his social media and streaming platforms from "Slip." And that it is all he has ever wanted, to reach an audience and relate to them, for his audience to find something they like and grasp it, not only in his music but any music. He made "Slip" with the intent to achieve mass appeal on a sonic level but still having that "underground authenticity."

And for Anees, that is what music is about, not the award shows or the money. Hell, it's not even "making music." It's really his vocation. His "career path really isn't just 'making music,' it's really bout being able to spend [his] life being creative and living by intuition." From him, music is communal. It bridges and connects humans from all walks of life, and that these "interpersonal connections" are the "richest part of life."

During the interview with Remixd Magazine, Anees displayed himself as a genuine, caring, and conscious artist. From his authentic and vulnerable subject matter to his lyrical aptitude, seen on his Instagram, Annes has been able to produce a sound illustrated as "bouncy, uplighting, and introspective. Baby Blue of a nice sunlight sky, and a little clouds, with a thin stroke of light. Genreless- out of the cage."

With a roster of introspective and lyrical conscious songs that bridge on poppy indie rap, Anees is undefinable. With such thoughtful songs as "Neverland Fly" and "Maybe," Anees delivers sonically mesmerizing tracks as he raps about love, mental health, and just talking his shit, proving his lyrical aptitude as one of the best lyrically right now!

Anees also stated that he has some more singles coming our way. With this being some of his "best work yet," said his forthcoming single, "blows 'Slip' out of the water! 100% better than 'Slip!'"

Anees forthcoming single, "Love Is Crazy," drops June 8th at midnight.

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In the meantime, check out Anees's visual for his latest release, "Slip," below.