• Tallie Spencer

Anthony James releases intimate new album called 'When.'

"I think it’s hands down my best project, and it’s my favorite for sure," James said.

Anthony James is showcasing his versatility as an artist on his new project, When. which just dropped on May 15.

The album is filled with sultry ballads that make the listener feel at-ease. Two standouts on the album are "Soap," and "Crowd Pleaser," both of which have an acoustic, mellow sound.

The album also mostly emphasizes themes of love and emotion, poising the project into a diverse R&B showcase.

In an interview with REMIXD Magazine, the rising artist said that he believes his versatility is one of his biggest assets and contributes to his unique style of music.

"I would say my sound starts and stems from roots in R&B and branches out from there into a little bit of rap, dancehall, pop, & acoustic," James said. "I truly believe my versatility is one of my biggest assets so I couldn’t give you a set genre or sound that I stay within, but if I had to choose I definitely would say I root in R&B, and that a mellow, laid-back sound has recurred in my music."

The 24-year-old artist is just getting started in his music pursuits. He says that he started taking music seriously about two years ago, and was inspired to dedicate himself to his craft when he realized how well one of his finish products sounded after it had been professionally mixed and mastered.

"It was the first time I had ever heard a finished product of one of my songs that matched the vision that I had for it in my head," James told REMIXD. "Once I heard that and had tangible proof of a high quality product that I created, I really started believing in my ability. I was like, 'Okay, you can really do this AJ. Let’s do it.'"

In the interview, James also discussed his most recent project, When. and said that it's one that he's very proud of.

"I think it’s hands down my best project, and it’s my favorite for sure," James stated. "I was also proud of my last album Güd. Both of these felt complete, but When. just feels more evolved to me, and honestly better."

James said that the project revolves around many concepts, including "love, vulnerability, pain, fear, and more."

"The best way to describe what it’s about is to say it’s a collection of the emotions I’ve experienced in recent times," the singer explained.

One of his ultimate goals as an artist is to be able to use his platform to inspire, make a "true difference" and reach "people that need help."

Anthony James is an artist that you don't want to sleep on. His creative talents and versatility are unique, and James has the determination and vision that's ultimately needed to succeed in the music industry.

You can stream When. on all platforms and follow Anthony James on Instagram @anthonyjames11_.