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Anweezy releases "Chill Down" single

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Virginia producer Anweezy releases “Chill Down” featuring South Korean rising star Sangstaa. As this rising hitmaker is showing his diversity as a producer, he is on track to have the biggest year of his music career. This release show off a softer side to his creativity allowing him to tap in with a different array of music listeners.

The melodic production is a perfect pairing with Sangstaa’s angelic vocals. As Anweezy normally produces high energy filled singles, this release is more of a mellow, sultry R&B track that provides a calming listening experience. The soulful melody shows the downsides of being in love when you’re not understood or heard in a relationship. Sangstaa's raw vulnerability is super refreshing. As he recounts a story in which a love interest asked him if he could "slow down" in the relationship, the name of this song is fitting.

Click here to tap in with Anweezy and artist Sangstaa for their fire single "Chill Down". This is the perfect vibe to get into this fall season.