• Michaela Greene

AQ's new single "TOP 10" featuring L.A. Higgz is a West Coast anthem

Rappers AQ and L.A. Higgz heat up the city with their latest record "TOP 10," out now.

West coast artist AQ released a hot summer track with his newest single called "TOP 10" ft. L.A. Higgz, accompanied by an exciting visual that will make anyone wish they were apart of the party. AQ has mastered the art of incorporating his upbringing into his style of music; by showcasing his effortless L.A. flow paired with a jumping beat made by producer Joog, "TOP 10" is destined to turn up any function. The song is a certified West Coast anthem and showcases the dynamic talent and chemistry that both AQ and L.A. Higgz have.

"TOP 10 is a party record," said AQ in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine. "It’s honestly just a feeling; I’m talking about being intimate with a woman. Wanted the record to represent the nightlife and LA in general. Something for people to dance to while also showing a piece of my life."

Former basketball athlete to now music artist, AQ is a jack of many trades and has fully committed to his newest passion of creating music. It is safe to say rapper AQ has made a smooth transition among occupations.

"When I finished my professional career in basketball, I was searching for another passion, he explained. "Completely fell out of love with hoop, and music was always a passion of mine. "I think my love for music and being able to express my emotions drew me into actually pursuing it as my career. Just like with basketball, it took time to actually cultivate my sound and for the music to sound good."

With inspirations from the likes of Future, Drake, and YG -- AQ has cultivated his own "high-fashion" sound that will surely continue to elevate him as an artist. "TOP 10" is the perfect example of AW fitting into his talents, the high-energy, West Coast vibe that the track has makes it an anthem that definitely makes it fun to bop to. AQ and L.A. Higgz curate a sound that's sonically upbeat and genuinely a good time.

AQ has a promising future in music. The artist expressed to Remixd Magazine what's next for his career: Opening in upcoming tours, hosting events, dropping a few more singles, and even a project. "I will be everywhere," said the artist. "I want to sign a deal."

When asked about what message AQ hopes fans take away from his music, the artist expressed:

"From the music, I just want people to feel emotions. I think when you hear me on certain songs, people who support me are able to clearly understand what I’m going through. Whether I’m sad, happy, angry, frustrated, arrogant, and on top of the world. Just want people to feel something from my music."

Be sure to stream AQ's newest single "TOP 10" featuring L.A. Higgz out now on all platforms, and check out the dope new visual below.