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Are.O releases hot new song called 'HD Picture'

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Are.O may be next to blow out of Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond native Are.O shows off his own unique flow on his newest track "HD Picture," featuring Vibe Tyson. The independent hip hop artist goes in, displaying his ability to rap, on an instrumental produced by Youngwavey and NoFuk. It's clear to see that the emerging talent has a lot of potential as he delivers an energetic, memorable flow. His sound is instantly recognizable and sets him apart from other artists.

In a recent interview, Are.O told Remixd Magazine that the new track "HD Picture" came together spontaneously. The artist said that he was on YouTube one day looking for beats when suddenly he came across a unique one produced by YoungWavey & NoFuk with a hook already done by Vibe Tyson. Once Are.O listened to the beat for about 10-15 minutes, he said that he immediately started writing two verses for the song and after he recorded the verses, he posted a snippet on Instagram and his followers were eager for him to release the song.

After he saw all the great feedback from his followers, he then messaged the producer and artist on Instagram so they could hear the song and after they heard it they were impressed with what they heard and allowed him to upload the song on to the major music streaming platforms.

Listen to "HD Picture" by Are.O ft. Vibe Tyson below.