• Deion Higginbotham

Artist 7 Alkaline gives us his "Relationship Status" on his new album

"This project is about my emotions during and after my relationship," 7 Alkaline told Remixd Magazine. "It’s about things that we're going on during my relationship and after. My song "Unprotected Heart” definitely speaks to me the most. It’s super emotional, and the lyrics are just plain raw. I don’t think I could have told it any better than I did. It’s exactly what happened word for word."

Independent rapper, 7 Alkaline from New Jersey City just released his first album called Relationship Status, which came out on August 7th. On the album, he's pouring out his heart to his fans rapping on songs like "Bad Guy" and "Communicating." The project represents what's in the rappers heart currently dealing with love and women. The artist has a lot to get off his chest from his previous relationship and he's airing it out.

"My album is called 'Relationship Status,'" he said in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine. "I was inspired to make this project due to my previous relationship. I wanted to share with the world my emotions, how I was feeling throughout the relationship, and after with raw emotion."

7 Alkaline, who's name was inspired by the alkaline diet he's currently on, stuck with him so much that his dad said he should use it as a rap name.

Fairly new to the scene of music, 7 Alkaline started his music career in 2020. So far dropping his first album a year and eight months later, he's already on his way to make noise.

7 Alkaline's debut album can be described as a sonic array of the things that he's dealing with in his love life. He says his future projects will continue represent more of who he truly is as a musician and define what his sound truly is.

"I would describe my sound as smooth, melodic, and refreshing to the ear," he said.

Musically speaking, 7 Alkaline was inspired to start music because he felt like he had a story to tell and wanted to share it with the world. Being fans of plenty of diverse artists such as A Boogie, Juice Wrld, and Kodak Black, he was inspired by the heartbreak music those artist talked about and wanted to share his as well.

"Being such a huge fan of music and listening to so many different artists, I thought I could make my own music and tell the world about my story," 7 Alkaline says. "I listened to some of my favorite artists talk about heartbreak, Juice Wrld, A boogie, and Kodak Black so i thought I could as well."

"I'm so passionate about music because it is everything to me," he continued. It keeps me going, I can't see myself even doing the simplest of things without music. Music is my drug, it's my addiction."

As far as the message that 7 Alkaline hopes his fans take away, he wants them to understand that they're not the only ones who are experiencing heartbreak, and not to beat themselves up over a bad breakup.

"Sometimes people project their own insecurities on you, and try to make you a bad person when you are always by their side," he said. "I want my fans to take in the red flags that people show that I talk about in my songs. And someone will truly love them some day, real love."

Stream 'Relationship Status' below!