• Michaela Greene

Artist Nokki Cabrera is making waves with debut EP 'Trap Salsa'

'Trap Salsa' is out now on all platforms!

Meet rising artist Nokki Cabrera: the Tampa, Florida native has major plans to take over your playlist with her latest project Trap Salsa. The fiery project just dropped and is available on all platforms.

"Trap Salsa is about love, optimism, living your life to the fullest, seeing the beauty in things, and never taking anything for granted," said Nokki Cabrera in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine. "When people listen to this project I pray they feel confident, embraced, and loved. I want people to feel light and to want to express themselves in positive ways."

Nokki Cabrera's project represents the best of both worlds for the artist. "Trap resembles my American side, and Salsa resembles my Cuban side. The trap to me is people all over the world coming to America to hustle and make a profit. To me, it means freedom and being able to come to this country and make your dreams come true."

As Nokki Cabrera began singing as a child, she used her diverse upbringing to incorporate into her artistry and style of music. The name Cabrera came from her mother's maiden name, as she effortlessly embraces her Cuban Heritage. The artist continues to showcase many elements of Salsa, Pop, R&b, and rap-styled beats to incorporate into her sound.

"My music is a combination of traditional salsa with a heavily influenced American trap music base," said the artist. "As a child, my parents would play all sorts of Latin music in the house, since Spanish is their first language. I’m a first-generation Cuban American so I wanted my music to represent that as well."

With influences from the likes of Celia Cruz, Shakira, Selena Quintanilla, and Rihanna, Nokki Cabrera's admiration for these powerful women were the inspirations behind what she plans to accomplish as an artist.

"I want to perform at the World Cup and tour the world," explained Nokki. "I want to use my platform to help people all around the world, and especially the people in Cuba."

As Nokki Cabrera continues to grow as an artist, she will always remember how hard work and determination got her to where she is today.

"Once I graduated high school I took all of my belongings and drove to New York City to make my dreams happen," expressed the artist. "I’m a guarded person, but when I am singing and writing I feel like people are getting a peek of who I am. I am always there to make people happy and be there emotionally for people, so I feel like making music I can do the same; but not with just one or two people, but the world."

Be sure to stream Nokki Cabrera's latest project Trap Salsa out now on all platforms!