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AUDREY NUNA proves she’s the one to watch in newest song “damn Right”

This article originally appeared on REVOLT TV. Read the full article here.

Author: Regina Cho

Back in March, REVOLT named rising rapper AUDREY NUNA as one of our “Women To Watch,” saying her raunchy and upbeat “Comic Sans” track “shows off her ability to change the tempo and mix genres in just two minutes.” Her latest single “damn Right” further proves the Korean American artist from New Jersey is carving a lane for herself with her stylistic choices and catchy lyrics.

The Loris Russier-directed video for the track takes viewers through a visually captivating house alongside Audrey, as she takes us through several interpretable scenes. The new “damn Right” is a follow up to a year of tracks including “Time” and the Jack Harlow-assisted “Comic Sans.”