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Avehre tells the story of a toxic love cycle on new R&B song "Circles"

Gladys Knight protege, Avehre, released his newest single "Circles" -- out now!

Things are in full throttle for R&B crooner Avehre, who just dropped his newest single “Circles” from his upcoming EP Greenlight. The song is a harmonious story of quite literally "going in circles" with thoughts in your head of wanting to make it work with a partner, but being trapped in a love cycle. Avehre, who's skills span songwriting and singing, capitalizes on his storytelling skills in this song, showcasing his artistry and creativity throughout the track. "Circles" is a much needed reprieve and breath of fresh air in the R&B music scene.

Avehre, who's real name is Brandon Avery Smith, was born in Hahn, Germany, then moved to and was raised in Chicago, where he later left to where he is currently based, Los Angeles. The singer got his artist name Avehre because it translates to "Avery is here," which is "the core of who" he is.

The artist is known for his signature, melodic, genuine sound, which is unique and positively tells the truth of who Avehre is and what makes up his identity, addressing themes of life. The only way to describe Avehre's sound is entertaining and gripping. From his hooks to his melodies focusing on the hardships of survival, truly an "emotional rollercoaster of sound and movement."

Avehre is an artist who redefines music, evolving harmonies and blending gospel, the blues, and soul music, into one pure genre. His sound creates an ecstatic sound and energy that Avehre wants his listeners to vibe with and relate with his craft.

"My music is mysterious, euphoric, and cinematic-like a movie[...] I want you to feel as if you’re listening to the soundtrack of your life," Avehre said in a recent interview.

Avehre just dropped the latest single "Circles," from his forthcoming EP Greenlight. It's a song about when "you are in love and want to be closer with your partner, but are navigating the circles or ups and downs of love," according to the artist.

The project, Greenlight, is about seizing the day, going full throttle into your dreams and what you love, being bold, confident, sexy, and owning your spot."

The biggest thing Avehre wants his fans to take away from his project but more importantly, his music as a whole, is love.

"I want people to believe in themselves again ... to realize that when you fall, you can rise up again. I want you to have fun, and not be so serious and live your life. This music will be self-care,

Be sure to stay up to date with Avehre and when his forthcoming project will be released, Via Social Media Facebook: iamAvehre and IG: @Avehre, as well as his website www.iamavehre.com.

Check out Avehre's latest single, "Circles" out now!