• Jason Leal

B.K. Habermehl releases the long-awaited visual for her latest song," Purpose"

B.K.'s striking visual for "Purpose" is currently streaming everywhere now.

B.K. Habermehl comes through with the visuals for her latest visual for her track,"Purpose." From looking elegant in a stunning pearled dress, shot in color at a beautiful house that is classic and regal, juxtaposing to the black-and-white scenes of her in a sleek black dress with fringe singing along in a gritty city/industrial background. B.K. Habermehl's use of color and artistry is superb, done with precision, the whole video is aesthetically gratifying. Beginning with the angles to the transitions on the beat, the visual for "Purpose" is unmatched.

As B.K. "melds genres and tones into a jazz-influenced R&B/Pop," she runs in a lane of her own, as "Purpose" demonstrates her versatility and uniqueness as an artist. B.K. Provides melodic poppy hits that bridge on an ethereal, introspective anthem, referring to the song as cathartic. B.K. Habermehl feels like the song for her is "overwhelmed by the thought of the world losing so many people from the pandemic, our endless fight against homicidal racist police, and the economic disparity that subjugates millions to poverty and a select few to extreme wealth." B.K. found solace in music.

B.K., originally, writing as a "general plea, [her] musical rendition of the Book of Job," B.K. Habermehl's visual for "Purpose" illustrates her idea of the dichotomy between the rich and the poor as each transition from color to black and white contrast one another.

Be sure to check out B.K. Habermehl via social media @bkhabermehl on Instagram and visit her website at www.bkhabermehl.com to see when any forthcoming music or visuals are dropping.

B.K. Habermehl's latest visual for "Purpose" is available now. Stream it below!