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Banko gives a heavenly performance for Hermano Flower Shop and even premieres new music

Banko gives a breathtaking performance for the Hermano Flower Shop concert series, focusing on upcoming local talent.

This past year has forced the music industry as a whole to adapt, with all music venues closed. In light of this, more and more concerts have been appearing at unorthodox locations, in unorthodox formats. One example is Hermano Flower Shop, located inside the Mojave Flea Trading Post at 383 N. Palm Canyon Drive, in Palm Springs, CA. Mixing blooms and live music, Hermano has constructed their own rendition of NPR’s Tiny Desk through their “Flower Shop Concert Series”, where they promote local talent whilst giving attendees the sentiment of a live concert. Their most recent release features a live session with local rhythm and blues singer Banko rocking through a 20-minute set.

Being their second ever performer, Banko was entrusted with providing a unique set that distinguishes the venue from others. Hermano’s goal is to have each performer bring forward their own individual style - with an outfit change, guest DJ set, live band, and all original songs, Banko did just that. As an individual who is deeply vested in his roots, Banko looks forward to shining a light on the platforms that have believed in him from the beginning, and is eager to lend his talent and resources to the Coachella Valley as he progresses in his journey.

“Between Banko’s talent, showmanship, and humility, I have no doubt he will be a star one day.” said Adrain Romero, co-owner and Creative Director of Hermano Flower Shop. “It’s an honor to be a part of Banko’s come up story.”

Still riding off the success of his first EP, I Miss Her, Banko is looking forward to the release of a three-part music video series where he will premiere three new singles. Of these three singles, Banko previews the release of “Red Dress” (16:45) in his Flower Shop Concert performance.

Be sure to check out Banko's amazing performance on the Hermano Flower Shop concert series below!