• Kaela Carter

Bankroll Bigg is here to stay with newest project ‘Two Words One Finger’

Two Words One Finger is out now on all platforms!

Bankroll Bigg is the latest artist making waves within the Atlanta rap scene and his project Two Words One Finger is sure to keep that momentum going.

“I’m really from the gutter, all over the city [of Atlanta],” Bankroll Bigg said in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine. “I saw everything before I was even ready to jump off the porch. My experiences from the military and streets shaped me for sure.”

Now with his latest project, he’s sharing some of those experiences and allowing listeners to take a peek into his lifestyle.

Bankroll sets the tone for the project with the piano-ridden “Double Cup” where he gives listeners an introduction as to who he is and raps about his transition from “hustling and trapping” to now pursuing music and investing in other facets of entertainment. Despite the career changes, he is sure to make one thing clear and that is that he is still making plenty of money to support a lavish lifestyle.

Describing his sound as “humble, hungry, experienced, and versatile,” each of the eight tracks mirror at least one of these sentiments. From the club banger “Touch Ya Toes” to the melodic “In Love Wit Da Money” featuring Jay Vannie, there’s something for everyone to vibe out to.

He also is keeping audiences tapped in with the release of his visual “Ain’t Going Broke” which showcases his versatility and talents as an artist. The rapper definitely sets the tone for what audiences can expect from him going forward, and he’s making it clear that he’s here to stay.

Stream Bankroll Bigg’s “Real, Raw and Organic” Two Words One Finger below!