• Avi Cantor

Meet Bankroll Got It: The producer duo with the hardest 808s in the game

In a recent phone interview with Remixd Magazine, Bankroll Got It talked about the misconceptions surrounding their identity, developing a unique sound, who they're cooking up with this year, and more!

No matter what sub-genre of rap you listen to, you know Bankroll Got It. The mysterious producer duo is behind some of the hottest music in the game and has worked with talented artists such as E-40, Calboy, Mulatto, Asian Doll, Lil Gotit, PPCocaine, and several others.

With a list of high-profile talent already secured in their portfolio, Bankroll Got It is continuing to set themselves up for success and bring their A-game to the music industry.

The Los Angeles based group currently consists of blood brothers Joel Banks and Taylor Banks. They've been able to pave their own lane within the music scene and create a unique sound using a catchy producer tag, unmistakable 808 patterns, and hard-hitting instrumentals that add value to any hook.

However, as distinct as their style is, most people actually aren't aware that they're a group because they tend to keep their identity under wraps for the most part.

“[Artists will] pull up to our studio, we’ll give them a whole tour, we’ll show them the whole building and they’ll be like, 'alright cool so when’s Bankroll gonna show up' and we’re like, 'bro we literally just gave you the full tour' and then when it finally hits them. They think it’s hilarious," Joel of Bankroll Got It said during a phone interview with Remixd Magazine.

Their moniker also sounds like a singular person, but Bankroll Got It made it clear that their name is a collective and has everything to do with family ties.

"We’re called Bankroll Got It really because our last name is Banks so it was like a family thing," Taylor explained.

When they first emerged on the scene, Bankroll Got It was initially comprised of three brothers -- consisting of Joel, Taylor, and Matt Banks. However, Matt decided to take a break from producing -- which left the group with just Joel and Taylor.

In addition to people not knowing that they're a duo now, another common misconception is that they are from Atlanta. In reality, they grew up in the Bay Area in a small town between Oakland and Sacramento called Vacaville.

“Most people think we’re from Atlanta just because of the artists we work with and the beats we make,” Joel said.

During the interview, the two brothers detailed their background in music and how they got into producing. Growing up in the 90s and living on the West Coast, the Banks brothers revealed that they became infatuated with rap music at a young age thanks to MTV Jams and the hyphy movement, which was a rap style turned cultural phenomenon in the Bay Area that was led by artists like E-40, Mac Dre, Too $hort, and Keak Da Sneak, to name a few.

While in college, Joel worked with a producer group and an artist out of Sacramento for a couple years, but he explained that the 'magic' just wasn't there.

"We signed some deals trying to make it, like everybody else, but the timing wasn't right so I kind of thought to be honest that music would be over for me," Joel explained.

He ended up quitting music for a year and decided to take a sales job at an engineering company in the Bay. However, it was Matt (the youngest of the three), that ended up getting Joel and Taylor on board to start their own group together.

“Everything just started clicking and since then we’ve just been going up more and more,” Joel said.

Since then, the Banks brothers have since earned a gold plaque for Mulatto's "Bitch From Da Souf" and expanded outside of the ATL to make hits for the likes of Stunna 4 Vegas, Kalan.FrFr, Luh Kel, and many others.

Although they've managed to work with some of today's biggest acts, some of the moments the brothers said they've cherished the most have been with people who they looked up to when they were younger. One such artist is none other than Hyphy pioneer, E-40.

“E-40 invited us to his house a couple years ago before we had a bunch of placements and that was super dope," Joel recalled. "Just drinking wine with him and listening to all his stories ... like whenever people start telling stories about their past you just love that stuff because we’ve been following him for years."

As 2021 rolls into full effect, Bankroll Got It looks to capitalize on the success of the last two years and continue to take things to the next level. The group says that they have music with Drakeo The Ruler, Fredo Bang, Coi Leray, Flipp Dinero, and many others on the way.

“Recently, we’ve been tapping in a lot with Drakeo the Ruler, really really fire artist from LA, we’ve got some big records with him that we’re excited to drop," Joel stated.

Stay tuned for more music from Bankroll Got It and check out the playlist below for some of their best records! Keep up with them on Instagram @Bankrollgotit.