• Avi Cantor

BeaHr looks to be the first big artist out of Oregon

When you think of Oregon, your knee-jerk reaction might not be a place that has a flourishing rap scene. However, Salem, OR native BeaHr looks to change that. His bubbly, playful tracks "Slide" and "Sacrifices" are great for vibing out and letting go of all of the stress of the day.

BeaHr, born Braden Taylor, crafted his lively sound thanks to influences ranging from Mac Miller to Bob Dylan to Dom Kennedy. These diverse influences come in part thanks to what his parents played in the house when he was a kid.

"My mom always listening to country and my dad listening to rock I got to love all different kinds of music growing up. I think that has affected my sound in the sense of always trying new things and styles with my voice," Taylor said.

Taylor's love for many genres and styles has only manifested itself so far in the pop rap space but BeaHr has much more in store stylistically for his fans.

"...right now I have 2 singles out that are more pop and hip hop type, but I have a lot of rap, lo-fi, and Contemporary R&B ready to roll out," BeaHr stated.

Read more about BeaHr below and check out "Slide" and "Sacrifices"! What is your artist name? What is your real name? How did you get your artist name? My artist name is BeaHr but my real name is Braden Taylor. It’s a long story about my artist name so you’ll have to wait for the radio interviews lol At what point in your life did you decide to pursue a career in music? I think when I decided to really start taking it seriously as a career was last year. I had always been a writer and loved music but in the last year I have really dove all in to make it my life. What ultimately inspired you to dedicate yourself to your music career? For me it’s 2 things. First it’s an outlet for me to escape and get emotions out that I might not be able to put into words. Also my whole life goal is to inspire others to live the life they want to and chase there dreams. I want the responsibility and platform to lead that by example. What’s one reason you are passionate about music and what inspires you? Music is everything...it’s happy, sad, confusion, heartbreak, and love. It’s something that can make you feel more than anything else in the world can. I’m inspired by genuine people who spread love and happiness for sure! Do you have any hobbies outside of music? What do you do to stay creative? I love basketball and definitely need to get back to that. Video games take my mind off everything and distract me so you can for sure catch me on the sticks. To stay creative I try and listen to new music constantly. Plus being around creative people and feeding off that is huge. What are some of your music career goals for the future? I would really love to perform at festivals and have that crazy energy with a crowd. But honestly, if I can positively effect someone’s life or have someone be able to relate and escape to my music, that’s all I want. Tell us about the project you are promoting. What is it about? Is it a single or EP? Also, what is the name of the last project you released? The project I’m promoting is my new single called Slide! It’s a super vibey song and music video I released last month. Produced by non other than @kenzybeats ! This single was really just having fun in the studio and trying to get in a mood, hope y’all enjoy! What has the response been like to that project? So far the response has been amazing! I love the people that rock with me and your support means the world to me. What are some projects you have done in the past that you are most proud of and why? Well with this being the 2nd single the only other project out right now is a single called Sacrifices. I am super proud of that because it was me stepping out of my comfort zone and also finally releasing content. I have a lot of old projects that are really deep and personal and I’m looking forward to getting back into that. What’s next for you? Are you working on any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for? Include some dates if you have them. I have a batch of singles ready to roll out over the next few months. The goal right now is to have my EP finished and ready by the end of the year so I want to consistently drop leading up to that. What message do you hope fans take away from your music? To just be yourself, ya know? It’s okay to let loose and have a good time, it’s okay to feel trapped in your head sometimes. As long as you stay true to yourself and don’t let others stand in your way. Where can we follow you on social media? All my social media is @OfficialBeaHr Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube