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Big Wave Pryce shares catchy new single "I Could Never"

“I Could Never” is out everywhere!

Independent artist Big Wave Pryce is someone to definitely keep on your radar. The Bronx-based talent is coming with the heat and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. He just released a new single called “I Could Never,” which showcases his talents and versatility as an artist. The rising star is undoubtedly talented and has a unique sound. He’s paving his own lane for himself and is just getting started. With his talents and ambition, there’s no doubt that he will make it far — as his work truly speaks for itself.

In a recent interview, Big Wave Pryce talked about his upbringing and how it shaped the sound of his music.

"The first CDs I ever bought were DMX's Blood of my Blood and Lauryn Hill," he revealed to Remixd Magazine. "The melodies and passion behind those vocals, in addition to knowing I had a family member overseas that is an MC, motivated me from a young age. I loved the ability to use words and that became evident while I was in school. For example, I’m long-winded and that that’s an okay trait to have when writing music - it gives me structure."

Big Wave Pryce describes the songs that he writes as "soundtracks" to his life, because everyday is a movie. His passion for making music comes from his desire to make an impact. It's clear to see in his music that his infectious energy and overall upbeat vibe can shift a mood or how someone feels towards his music.

His latest single "I Could Never" is a song about preserverance and determination. On the track, he talks about taking things to the next level. The release is truly one of his most impressive releases to date and showcase his range and versatility as an artist.

As far as what's next for him, he's planning on releasing more music and more videos. He also plans to release an EP that will drop next year! In the meantime, stay tuned with what he has going on and stream "I Could Never," here. Also, follow him on social media!

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