• rosecransxave

Big $wift & Paupa release Cinematic "Batman" Visual

Batman is a polarizing figure. To some, he's a hero, to others, he's a bored billionaire vigilante who has a fetish for beating up clowns and weirdos alike. If you ask people in Los Angeles about Big $wift, they may describe him in the same manner. While Bruce Wayne never spit a hot sixteen to describe the tumultuousness of the Gotham streets, Big $wift did him one better. In his new visual for "Batman" $wift imagines himself as a trap version of Bruce Wayne, equipped with his own gadgets, black coupe, and arch nemesis to match. The cinematic visual shows $wift in his bat-cave, with his Robin, as The Joker attempts to rob and shoot $wift, only to be chased outside, leading to a high speed pursuit that ends with The Joker being shot by a magic bullet.

"Batman" is a single featuring the production of Jemmadeit and Southern California hitmaker Paupa that precedes a project with Paupa which is to be released in the coming months.