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Bilionair Carter drops new single and video "GOOD GOOD"

Los Angeles-born rapper, Bilionair Carter, drops new single, "GOOD GOOD," which is a Latin/hip-hop mash-up that pays homage to the two cultures that heavily influenced his life. Freestyled in the last part of one of his many creative sessions, the song’s unique blend of Chicano and Black beats speaks to his roots in Southern California and his artistry as a multi-talented rapper.

"GOOD GOOD" is a high-frequency song with a melodic classic LA beat that oozes with the influence of Bilionair Carter’s city. This summer club banger celebrates Latin and Black cultures through a catchy blend of rhythms, lyrics, and a West Coast vibe born out of a love for both communities. It is also the perfect follow-up to his last hit song, "ENERGY."

Carter might be one LA's newest rapper's on the radar but he is not new to Hollywood. Bilionair Carte was a Hollywood child actor that played significant roles in movies like Kingdom Come, Black Knight or Santa Claus II.

GOOD GOOD'S mix of two unique cultures is also a way for the rapper to bridge the gap and address the division that society, at times, tries to bring between the 2 marginalized communities - (the BLACK and BROWN).

Determined to bring healing and a sense of belonging to people of color, Bilionair Carter’s mission is to continue making the kind of music that unites individuals of different backgrounds all while making waves on the charts.

“GOOD GOOD ties right into my previous hit video, 'Energy,'” said Bilionair Carter. “I am always going to give anybody 'good, good' energy and 'good, good' vibes."

Check out the visual for "Good Good" below.