• Avi Cantor

Billie Eilish shuts down a whole mall for new visual "Therefore I Am"

Superstar. Genre-bender. Dark. These are some words you might associate with singer Billie Eilish. However, after numerous Grammy awards, 20+ RIAA Platinum certifications, and countless jaw-dropping performances, many seem to forget that Billie is just 18 years old.

While "Therefore I Am" features her trademark eerie, whispery voice, and gravelly production, the video is unapologetically Eilish being a teenager.

Eilish runs around a mall swiping food from various closed shops while prancing around the empty floors. The self-directed video also looks like it's shot on a phone which deviates from her usually grandiose, movie-like visuals.

The duality of lyrics that reference 17th-century natural philosophy and seeing a teenager dancing aimlessly around a deserted shopping center speaks to Eilish's uncanny creative chops.

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