• Jason Leal

Blxst speaks on artist integrity, repping the West Coast, and 'Sixtape 2' on the way

Dring the nearly thirty-minute interview, R&B/hip-hop artist Blxst opened up to HotFreestyle's Tallie Spencer about adjusting to fame, upcoming projects, and more.

In a recent interview on Hot Freestyle, West Coast superstar Blxst and host Tallie Spencer caught up about what he’s been up to lately. They discuss life, the stress of the music industry, adjusting to fame, when to expect Sixtape 2 with longtime collaborator Bino Rideaux, why Blxst is a vegan, and more.

Coming off a ground-breaking 2020 with the release of his EP No Love Lost, Blxst has been taking in all the moments and adjusting to the shift in popularity. From working with some of the industry's most influential artists to being on Rolling Loud's 2021 line-up, the rising talent is gearing up to have another sensational year in music.

During the interview, Blxst talked about his transition to an artist from producer, fans reacting to his album No Love Lost, the biggest lesson he's learned from being in the music industry, remaining humble, being vegan, and more. He also dropped plenty of gems in between!

The two open with Blxst talking about how his life changed after dropping No Love Lost, which catapulted his music career into new heights during the COVID global pandemic. He discussed how he's managed having to adjust to his newfound fame, saying that one of the biggest changes was getting used to being recognized in person.

"Being noticed in public," he explained. "I'm not anti-social, but I'm to myself a lot. It's all new to me and I don't think I'ma ever get used to that."

Before the success of 'No Love Lost,' Blxst explained how he was in a transitional period in his life.

"I just had my only son," he said. "I didn't know what I was going to do. My financial situation was f--ked up. I was falling out with friends because I couldn't really dedicate time like I used to. I was just in a confusing spot ... but on the flip side, it helped me man-up."

The EP was well received by many, including The Source, which references the project as "an elite package of melodies and lyricism," further solidifying Blxst as the next hottest artist to shoot out of the West Coast.

During the interview, the multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer, detailed that he is very hands on with his music, noting that he's involved with everything from the production to the digital art aspect of content creation. He believes it's one of the main things that helps him standout as an artist.

"Being able to do all those [things] by myself," he said. "Of course I have a team, but it's about having that extra hunger, which is why my art stands out."

While he kept things under wraps during the interview regarding artists that he's currently working with, Blxst did say he wants to expand his sound and work with more female R&B artists like SZA, Jhene Aiko, Summer Walker, or H.E.R. Blxst feels having one of them on a track would offer a different perspective.

"A female perspective on a Blxst song would be fire," he said.

As far as what's next for the rising star, he's planning on releasing Sixtape 2 with Bino this summer!

Be sure to check out Blxst's full interview with Tallie Spencer for Hot Freestyle below!