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Bryce Savoy shares authentic new album 'Neighborhood Diamonds'

Bryce Savoy is bringing authenticity from East Oakland to LA with his new album, Neighborhood Diamonds. Savoy has been grinding in the rap game for years, releasing mixtapes, EPs and plenty of videos to build his fanbase and refine his craft. Along the way, he’s been organically building community and finding his purpose in giving back to places and people that have made him who he is. The album is dedicated to “representing diamonds in the rough worldwide.”

“It symbolizes the people that I speak for and everything that I do,” Savoy explains.

“Diamonds in the rough are those who might not get mainstream recognition or the

‘looks,’ but there are people still putting in the work and building community that deserve


In addition to representing his community sonically, Bryce is using visuals to get across

his message. Released on January 15, 2021, the music video for album cut “Whatever” is

a visual celebration for Bryce and his camp, complete with champagne, close friends,

and a toast to the New Year.

Shot in the spirit of old school house parties, Bryce is able to convey true authenticity between friends through the visuals for "Whatever." Neighborhood Diamonds is a celebration of how this has culminated in Savoy’s life: his days at Howard University, moving to Los Angeles and going on the self-funded #INDEPENDENCE tour at the top of 2020. The cover art is a photograph of some of the people Savoy has shared these memories with, including his deejay SoundsxGoodall and singer Maiyah Nicole.

The album utilizes samples of classic songs that were an important part of Savoy’s

childhood, evoking nostalgia for many. Neighborhood Diamonds features four singles

that Savoy dropped in the fall of 2020 to build momentum for the project, “Neighborhood

Diamonds,” “See No Evil,” the haunting “Highways,” and “Black Still” featuring Los

Angeles up-and-comer Bale and East Oakland rising star G Maly. Staying true to his

#INDEPENDENCE brand, Savoy wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the project


Neighborhood Diamonds is only the beginning for Bryce Savoy. Be on the lookout for

much more from the young artist, as the brand continues to grow and evolve.