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Cam Will's newest project 'Separation Summer' offers refreshing new melodies

The standout track from the project "All Day" (prod. by Bizness Boi) was also recently released with an accompanying visual!

Cam Will, a rising musician, has released his latest EP, Separation Summer. Cam Will's sound as an artist is showcased on the seven-track EP, establishing him as someone to be taken seriously and identifying him as a musician who offers something fresh to the game. The Milwaukee native (who still calls Milwaukee home) spoke recently with Remixd Magazine and told us that his hometown is where he first discovered his passion for music.

The project includes a series of standouts, including "All Day" which was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Bizness Boi. In the accompanying visual for the upbeat, bouncy track, audiences are taken on a day of fun with Cam Will and his girl as they leave in his all-white Jeep to go go-kart racing. He sings the chorus, “We be in the streets all day tryna buss it down, nobody but us top is 2 that shit is settled now, swear you was my dawg more than these dawgs I got around,” expressing just how strongly he feels about her. 

The fun doesn't stop there; they meet up with their pals for a day at the beach, and as the day goes to night, they dance and laugh their way from the beach to the bonfire to the bowling alley, making for a fantastic and unforgettable day.

Cam Will was born and raised in Milwaukee but he was lucky enough to travel and encounter a wide range of cultures, all of which have influenced his "ever-evolving" style. There’s too many ideas and flows and vocal executions in my head for me to tie myself down to one sound. I would say right now I just make whatever I feel if that’s Rap, R&B, or even a blend to where you can’t tell which it really is,” he stated in a recent interview. 

“All Day” is the lead song off his newest project, Separation Summer, which he defines as the attitude he intends to maintain for the foreseeable future. He explained, "I'm here to compete and have fun while doing it." In order to "finally get his feet wet" with music and "go all in." The album also includes the standout track "Bad Influence," which has 80,000 views on Will's YouTube channel.

Catch a vibe by watching "All Day" below and listening to Separation Summer here.