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CAMPAIGNFORTHEPUBLIC gets vulnerable on 'Something Lite, Nothing Too Crazy' project

The Richmond, California artist connects with RemixdMag for an in-depth conversation.

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CAMPAIGNFORTHEPUBLIC has been having a stellar 2021 unleashing multiple records that reflect the Bay Area's contemporary music scene and culture. And on his new nine-track album, 'Something Lite, Nothing Too Crazy' the Cash Register Crew signee compiles the buoyant sounds of Cali with his own spin giving us a front seat into what LA encompasses is in his mind - relationships, lust, money, good times, good folk, overcoming travails, and ultimately, day to day soiree fans can easily relate to. CAMPAIGN FOR THE PUBLIC tags producer Drew Banga to muster a Bay Area influenced riddled project. Stunnman02 is also featured on the project.

On the record, the "Maintain" the emoter doesn't mind being vulnerable, audacious, goal-driven, disgruntled as he hopes fans can resonate with how he maneuvers the seesawing emotions we naturally go through on the way to our goals.

In his own words, he mentions the project was a feel-good homage to his hometown.

"The project to me is a feel-good project. It is something that you can put on and let play all

the way through. It has a good feel" he tells Remixd Mag.

Fans will be inspired by his grit & fervor on tracks like "Get Right" where he outright shines a light on the dangers of overly trusting people you don't know while on the pursuit of one's goals - in this case his goals are money-oriented and leaving the treacherous "hood."

"I don't wanna know you, I got trust issues homie" he raps on the zealous West Coast sounds of Drew Banga.

On "Make Sense" he displays a valor for wealth - "Too much money for me not to get rich" he distinguishes himself to a mob boss, and keeps us on our toes on the bouncy instrumental.

On numbers like "Good Times", the peachy music borrows slightly from Afrobeats' rhythm but still carries a heavy West Coast flavor, and this sort of hybridity is why the record is innovative and enjoyable.

"The project was inspired because I wanted to link up with another producer from the Bay Area and make a project that home could relate too, sound wise. I ended up linking with a producer by the name of Drew Banga and we made a great cohesive project that I am proud of."

Drew Banga, his sound architect on the project creates a Bay Area sound palette that has catapulted the likes of Bino Redaux, Mozzy, Blxst to mainstream acclaim, but particularly for Campaign, his elastic voice and innate soundscape allowed him free will to bend the music to his command.

"I would describe my sound as refreshing and unique," he said. "I think my voice allows me to make any type of beat sound like my own. My most recent project I would say has a fresh, west coast, laid-back feel."

The project taps features from Bay Area legend Stunnaman02, and blushes through a rooted West Coast sound with hints of R&B. "Gangslide" and "Feel Some Way" are some of the record's pillars.

"I would say two of the standout songs on the projects are 'Gang Slide' and 'Feel Some Way,'" he said. "The Gang Slide song is a club song that is featuring Stunnaman02. The term 'Gang Slide' is something that the crew says wherever there is a group of us. The 'Feel Some Way' song is a song that shows of more the R&B side of my music. It is a song about having too much fun to be in relationship."

On visuals from the full length LP such as "Maintain," CAMPAIGN mirrors his unique fashion sense, an essential part of his art. Fans can not only be content with the quality sounds ruminating from the project, but underlying nuggets such as self-belief and expression are added facets we can implement based off the rappers' bonafide offering.

"The opportunity to influence the world really inspired me to dedicate myself to music," he said. "Whether it is with the words in my music, fashion, or just how I carry myself, I think making music and being an artist can come with a big responsibility. Also it is way for me to express myself. I was looking for a way to express myself and music really helped with that. I can be unapologetically myself."

Having a solid project crossed off the bucket list, 2021 is still promising for CAMPAIGNFORTHEPUBLIC. .

"I have another project finished and a couple single that I plan on releasing within the next

few months," he continued. "As well with a couple more visuals for songs off 'Something Lite, Nothing Too Crazy.'"

The project is available on all platforms.

Watch Music Videos for "Get Right" & "Maintain" here:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/campaignforthepublic/