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Casino Jizzle's new visual, "4x4real," is out now

Casino Jizzle is about that action in his new video," 4x4real."

Casino Jizzle's name would show up if you searched the word "versatile" for more reasons than one. His elusive style and bulletproof flow make it easy for him to continue to create street bangers. His SaycheeseTV cosigned HD-clip for "4X4Real" is making waves on and off the internet. A lot of artists in Memphis right now are seeing more motion than ever before. The national spotlight is significant as they feel like they have been prepared for this for years. Although the song is a couple of years old, it has recently seen some new life, and it's dope to see.

Honestly, the controversy surrounding the 4x name is interesting because it's evident that Casino and his team reps it for life. His quotable verses and the simple yet fire instrumental create a clean canvas to paint his words on. Furthermore, the @Acrazyproduction shot visual shows endless members of Jizzle's team, mobbing out in various neighborhoods through Memphis. Moreover, they are there to stand on every lyric that comes out of Jizzle's mouth.

Check out the new single from the CasinoGang representer Casino Jizzle here today!