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Charlene Amour's newest EP 'My Favourite Summer' will have you in your feelings

My Favourite Summer is out now on all streaming platforms.

R&B/Pop Artist Charlene Amour is looking forward to making a positive impact around the world with her raw and authentic music. The independent artist has been a singer for as long as she could remember. She recalls listening to Whitney Houston as a young girl and telling her mom that she wanted to be just like her. When Charlene Amour was eight years old, her mom would take her to perform at malls and local festivals throughout her city. Her vintage R&B/pop sound is inspired by growing up in the early 2000’s and listening to artists like Aaliyah.

Charlene Amour has always had a huge passion for music. She reveals it’s her way of communicating to herself and the rest of the world.

"Sometimes, I feel as if I don’t connect with anyone," she explained. "When you feel like you are disconnected from the rest of the world, you feel alone, and you feel misunderstood. Music is the only thing that makes me feel understood and it is the only thing that really makes me feel alive."

The independent artist from Scarborough, Canada believes love is always the answer -- which inspired her to create her artist name, Charlene Amour. Charlene says she wants people to feel love through her music because she lives and breathes it every day. Her sound which she describes as soft with a range full of dynamics is paired with heartfelt lyrics that touches the soul.

Charlene is not only a singer. She also writes all her music.  Most of her lyrics are inspired by her hidden feelings. She explained, “I run away from my own feelings and sometimes a word will just trigger an emotion and then I’ll start free-styling a whole melody with words and I’ll be like damn.. that's how I really feel.”

Having full transparency with her music she hopes to inspire her fans not be afraid of their own vulnerability. Charlene does not hold back which is why her music is so authentic. She wants people to feel vulnerable and to know that it’s okay to be in tune with yourself and your feelings.

Last month, she released her highly anticipated 5 track EP titled, My Favourite Summer. She hopes her newest EP exceeds her last milestone of 100k streams for her single titled, "Russian Doll."

If you haven’t listened to My Favourite Summer yet, you can stream it on all major streaming platforms!

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