• Michaela Greene

Chevron Blue drops highly-anticipated 'Forever Rolling' EP

Long Beach native Chevron Blue had fans anticipating his newest EP, Forever Rolling, which is out now. The wait is over -- as today the artist released the project and it's already been receiving an amazing response. The 4-track project includes song that each have a distinctive sound, combining unique lyrics and captivating rhymes and schemes, rapper Chevron Blue is ready to make a statement with this project.

As the new EP is influenced by his producer, named ForeverRolling, Chevron Blue uses this project to appreciate him as well.

“This was inspired by the producer ForeverRolling because he produced the project in its entirety. He’s a hot new producer and I really f-ck with his sound,” Chevron Blue expressed in his recent interview with Remixd Magazine. “NRA means no rats allowed. Snitching is a common theme and affects people’s lives negatively everyday”

When asked about the meaning behind his upcoming release, the rapper stated:

“It’s about rats and how their actions affect the person they snitched on and their friends and family,” he said.

Chevron Blue continued to expresses how he got his artist name and the meaning behind it:

“I got the name Chevron because it’s symbolic of the stripes I’ve earned in this life. Also, the word chevron derives from the Latin word caprio, which is related to the word goat," he said. "The V of a sergeant’s Chevrons represents the horns on a goat. Basically, it means I’m the greatest of all time.”

When speaking about his initial start in music, rapper Chevron Blue used a traumatic event and turned it into a positive. “I got shot and had to transfer schools. Then the coronavirus hit and ended my school and football dreams. I picked up a microphone to cope," he explained.

Being a clever artist with hard-hitting lyrics to match, Chevron Blue uses his upbringing to influence his current sound.

“My parents brought me up listening to plenty of good music," Blue said. "Michael Jackson, Prince, New Edition, Blackstreet, Journey, Nirvana, Sublime, Busta Rhymes, Outkast, Lauryn Hill, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Teena Marie. The list goes on for days.”

When asked what message he hopes fans take away from his music, Chevron Blue states "I hope my fans take away that morals and values supersede any worldly items."

After this EP, Chevron Blue is doing a deluxe version of his mixtape called The Elephant in the Room.

Be sure to tap into his newest project Forever Rolling below!