• Tallie Spencer

Chicago artist Joel Q shares new song "Champion Pt. 2" & details what's next for him

Joel Q is the winner of the Remixd Magazine X Cozz toy drive giveaway!

Independent artist Joel Q is continuing to bring the heat and has no plans of stopping soon. Since Remixd Magazine last spoke with the talented Chicago artist, Joel Q has been putting in the work and has been releasing fire new music. Most recently, he dropped a new single and visual titled “Champion Pt. 2,” which shows off his skills as a rapper and displays his talents as an artist.

The single is appropriately titled, as he raps over a bouncy beat and describes how he got to where he is in his music career journey so far -- in a humble-brag way. What separates Joel Q from the rest is his ability to clearly convey a story within his music and have audiences relate to him. The new single "Champion Pt. 2" is no different.

Joel Q is known for the honesty and humility he brings to his music. In his last full-length project Best For Me, he discussed that it was based on his personal life and that the meaning behind it was about “encouraging others that sometimes in life [people] have to do things that are best for [their] life/goals.”

For fans who don’t know, Joel Q was selected as the winner of the Remixd Magazine X Cozz virtual Toy Drive giveaway. His song "Bud Billiken,” was featured on Cozz’s page and Joel Q will also be receiving exclusive merchandise and a PR bundle from Remixd Magazine.

“Being selected as the winner of Remix Mag X Cozz giveaway was like a dream come true,” Joel Q said in an interview. “Everybody who knows me knows how much I respect the entire Dreamville roster and always wanted to work with them. so just the recognition from somebody out of that roster was mind blowing

to me.”

“That moment showed me nothing is impossible and always be ready for any moment because you never know who's watching or what opportunity can

possibly open more doors for you,” he continued. “Also it showed me that there are some genuine people that are passionate about helping people change their lives and that's probably the best thing I realized from that moment.”

Joel Q is definitely a talented artist who’s bringing his hard-hitting lyricism to the game and is not afraid to show audiences what he’s capable of.

As far as what's next, Joel Q has a new single titled "Brand New You" that's set to be released April 5 -- be on the lookout!

In the meantime stream "Champion Pt. 2" below.