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Chrystel's debut EP 'Prey' delivers ethereal and poppy harmonies that are bound to delight

Chrystel's latest three-track project, Prey, is out everywhere now!

Chrystel is set to share more about her own story with her debut EP Prey, after a series of well-received features and collaborations in 2020. Prey is a three-song collection that is intended to carry you to your knees and churn up the reckoning that brings you wings. "Thunder" (prod. LMBSKN), a melancholy and uptempo track written at the start of quarantine in 2020, kicks off the album.

Lyrics like "you know my lightning is different, I know you see something in it" and "we only get one chance in this life, don't know why" lend a helping hand to a world in turmoil. "Hot Star" (prod. MW Music) is the album's middle jewel, a confident and assertive summer anthem that exudes not only optimism but also allegiance. The EP comes to a close with Good Thang, a song that was written for someone else. The album took on a life of its own when Chrystel recorded the reference track in the studio, co-written by Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Vincent Berry. The track is a real tribute to Prey, who was encouraged by the track's developers to release it as is.

Be sure to check out Chrystel's debut EP, Prey, below!