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Cocanina gets honest and vulnerable on new track "Do My Best"

The new track is about motherhood and Cocanina's feelings towards her life changing.

Cocanina, a Canadian artist, has created another another masterpiece for her admirers. Cocanina's new track "Do My Best" is available now on all platforms and relates the tale of how she learned she was pregnant. On this tune, the rising star is open and vulnerable.

"This project is about no longer being single, forever an attachment," Cocanina said in a recent interview. "Being a mom and accepting the fact that life is going to change in a major way. Finding the light in the situation and being excited and terrified at the same time."

Cocanina got the idea for "Do My Best" after she found out she was expecting a child. The song has a pleasant, relaxing feel about it. Cocanina uses this work to describe her thoughts about having a mother. She realizes that her life will drastically alter in the coming months. Fans can sense the heart and love behind this tune in every word. She wants her followers to understand that it's perfectly fine to be vulnerable and express their genuine selves.

She explains, “It’s okay to vulnerable and show the true side of yourself. Be open about your feelings and as long as you don’t give up, you can do it!"

Cocanina's passion for music is more than simply a job. It's a place where she can be herself and express herself via writing. This up-and-coming musician is dedicated to creating authentic music. She'd always been drawn to music since she was a youngster. Cocanina was able to amass such a large following via her paintings in just a few years.

She has thrilled hundreds of thousands of fans across the world with songs like "401 West" and "Smooth Killa." Amy Winehouse, Biggie Smalls, and Eartha Kitt were among her main musical influences. Cocanina wants her music to inspire and touch the hearts of millions of people.

Cocanina has performed a variety of professions throughout her life, from waitressing to cleaning. She has also volunteered for a number of charitable organizations. She enjoys cooking, painting, and baking in addition to singing. Furthermore, she is an outstanding potter. Cocanina has fantasized of receiving a BET Award while sitting close to Beyonce. If she keeps writing songs like "Do My Best," she should be able to achieve her objective.

This Canadian musician is very brilliant, and he will surely continue to write powerful songs in the future. She's started working on a follow-up to her last song, "401 West," after releasing "Do My Best." She also has an EP coming out in December and a full-length album coming out in February of next year.

Meanwhile, listen to "Do My Best," which is available now.

@cocanina5 is her Instagram handle.