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Coconutfam debuts new LP & visual

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Rising newcomer Coconutfam, has officially released his debut LP and visual. As he has a unique sound, he recently found success with a a slew of viral hits in “Gunhill Zone,” “Venus” and “Xantia.”The Bronx-bred artist makes an impressive debut with Go Home Leave Me The F**k Alone showing fans why he is up next to blow. As “Vanessa” is the lead single, he created a visual that depicts his rawness and rare creativity. With this release listeners are able to hear in-depth stories about his past as he transitions into the best part of his life.

With “Vanessa”, GHLMFA is an eight-track masterpiece from beginning to end. With a stead fast fanbase, this release is right on time for Coconutfam. Each track on the new album delivers a unique story that addresses several things including hunger to succeed against odds, and receiving love from both friends and family. By discussing an array of topics, he was able to create an undeniable sound that puts him in the same discussions as New York’s most promising newcomers.

From beginning to end, you feel an exciting, refreshing energy mixed with raw passion. As Hip-Hop is reaching new heights in the 21st century, the resurgence of high quality East Coast rappers are more prevalent than ever. With more great content to arise during this campaign, Coconutfam promises to be on the top of the charts in no-time.

“This is a project-based off of a cover that was found at a gas station in New Jersey,” states Coconutfam. “The words ‘Go Home Leave me the f**k Alone’ resonates with the feeling of being alone yet loved at the same time without leaving the bitterness of heartbreak and struggle while still preserving a sense of self-worth. His desire to be different and speak his truth spews out like a water faucet on this release. "Vanessa" is the perfect depiction of his unique musical sound and stead fast direction.

Press play to give Coconutfam debut LP as his "Vanessa" video can be found below.