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Compton artist Young Taboo to release newest single “Lil Sum”

Young Taboo is an artist from Compton, California who is gearing up to release his single “Lil Sum.” Remixd Magazine had the opportunity to listen to the song ahead of the release date, and was impressed. The upcoming track track is a high-energy effort from the rising artist who has his own unique, and versatile sound. Young Taboo is a promising artist who has been grinding for some years now. He first decided to pursue a career in music after his father died in 2018, saying that the music helped him express the pain. Now, he’s making music that showcases his talents in a way that audiences get to experience with him.

“My goal is basically to tell the world my story, show people who I am through my music and leave my mark on the music industry,” Young Taboo said in a recent interview.

On the highly-anticipated track “Lil Sum,” is about a girl shaking “sum” at the club for a “lil sum” or cash. It’s definitely a club banger as Young Taboo raps about throwing something at the club, party or wherever you’re at. It’s a fun track that emphasizes a light tone and party energy – making for the perfect song to dance and vibe to this summer.

“I’m passionate about music because it’s my outlet,” Young Taboo said. “It allows me to express thoughts and feelings that I would have normally kept to myself. What inspires me is the power that music has.”

Young Taboo is on his way to the top. With his diverse style and influences such as Lil Durk, Future, and Joe Moses, it’s no doubt that he’s someone to be on the lookout for. He wants people to take away a positive message from his music while encouraging people to have fun and be themselves.

You can stream “Lil Sum” when it drops on all platforms on July 26th!

Be on the lookout for his EP dropping soon as well! And keep up with him on the gram @young.taboo1.