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Compton native Young Lawless is someone to watch

Young Lawless aka FatBoyLaw is a Compton, California native who's creating his own lane. With a distinctive voice and an upbeat energy, Young Lawless brings his own flavor to every track he's on, and his newest drop is no different. He just released his new single "Coochie Hoochie" featuring YN Jay.

The song is the lead single on his upcoming EP that he's working on called Psychoactive.

According to Lawless, some names that audiences can expect to see on the project include Sukihana, Steven G, Compton Menace, and Kevin McCall.

"I did music as a hobby in high school growing up but I didn’t take it serious until 5 years ago," FatBoyLaw tells RemixdMag. "After I graduated high school I did a lot of ghost writing throughout the years because I love music and the whole process of creating. Now I feel like it’s my time to show people who I am. I've been known as a playmaker behind the scenes -- now it’s time to show them I can go out there and compete as a superstar player."

The independent talent's sound can be described as unique. Although he's from Compton, he doesn't have a typical West Coast artist sound. Instead, he paves his own lane with what he's been able to create with music.

"You might get a story with a message or you might get a little comedy with some witty metaphors," Young Lawless says of his music. "It depends on how I want the listener to feel. Music is a beautiful form of art, and I’m a passionate artist."

When asked about the ultimate reason that he's passionate about music, Young Lawless said that he "creates music to help heal people’s soul."

As far as his goals for the future, Lawless plans on one of his records going platinum while being an independent artist. While he has a few notable projects under his belt such as Welcome To The Throne, which included a feature from the late Nate Dogg, the mixtape was a standout project and showcased Lawless' skills.

Listen to Young Lawless' latest track "Coochie Hoochie" ft. Yn Jay below.

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