D Smoke and SiR Release New Single, "Let Go".

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On Friday, May 29, artists D Smoke and SiR released a single discussing the current social climate of America in response to the killing of George Floyd.

The two artists used their platform and their gift of music to raise awareness about police brutality and how it has played a role in damaging the black community.

The song talks about the injustices black men and women face daily and how difficult it is to find a solution.

"I should feel safer but expired plates on old Toyotas, means I can't afford to pay tickets to two these racist rollers."

D Smoke spoke on topics ranging from police violence, prison systems, and black history, which are all very relevant to the current state of affairs. SiR spoke on black voices being silenced and despite trying to reach out.

"If I shout but ain't nobody around to hear it. How 'bout it when it echo?"

Just a few days before the song's release, D Smoke put out a statement expressing his frustration with the criminal justice system today:

"As a black man, I'm fed up," D Smoke wrote on Instagram. "As an educator, I'm hurting that incidents like that of George Floyd suggest to our youth that our lives are expendable."

He continued by saying that he hopes that people who have the ability to effectively lead continue to do so and that they "aren't silenced by the rage."

"Let Go,"featuring SiR has a powerful message and is meant to serve serves as a tribute to all the black lives lost to police brutality.

At the end of his second verse, D Smoke says:

“I wrote this the day they killed George Floyd. We won’t forget your story.”

Single, “Let Go,” (< comma goes inside the quotation) is available to stream below.