• Jason Leal

DaBaby's "grandfather" steals the show in his new visual for "BLIND" featuring Young Thug

DaBaby shares a humorous and entertaining music video for "BLIND," his fifth single from his third studio album, BLAME IT ON BABY. Billboard Music reported that the album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 album charts, when it was first released in April 2020. "BLIND" was released on the deluxe edition of the album, which came out in August 2020.

The music video opens by paying homage to DaBaby's late brother, Glen Johnson, who passed away earlier this month from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The message reads "Long Live G," with a dove emoji.

At the beginning of the video, DaBaby invites his 'grandfather' to his and Young Thug's video shoot for his 90th birthday surprise. The man in the video isn't his real grandfather, but is dressed up with a long beard and a cane to match. During the events of the video, DaBaby's grandpa becomes a menace to the video shoot: seducing and grinding on women, flipping off the camera, and even at one point halted filming, to which DaBaby claims he is "f--king the video up." This three minute and forty-second music video, directed by Motion Family, shows a traditional rap music video: money, dancers, and a fancy car, accompanied with the coolness and swagger of DaBaby and Young Thug juxtaposed to the humorous antics of DaBaby's grandfather, which steal the video.

Watch DaBaby and Young Thug's new video below!