• Tallie Spencer

DAX's 'Black Lives Matter' music video makes a powerful statement

Hip-hop artist DAX is using his platform to convey a powerful message. His latest video, "Black Lives Matter," was just released yesterday and tells the narrative of the movement that's speaking volumes and fighting for equality.

The video opens with the message "Remember when we were kids and didn't see color?" followed by a woman that sings "I can't breathe," and a still video of DAX kneeling on the ground.

The important video commands the audiences attention while DAX relays the message that Black Lives Matter.

This is not the first time that the Canadian/Nigerian rapper has eloquently and respectfully covered topics that are not conventional in music. Other songs that he's done include "Dear God," which discusses the topic of religion, and another track called "Joker" which addresses the problem with cyberbullying.

The video is currently trending at No. 7 in the US, with over half a million views in under 17 hours.

Watch"Black Lives Matter" below, and stay tuned for more on the socials @thatsdax.