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DBangz brings the heat in new visual "The Source" ft. Jae Zole

The 19 year old Phoenix-born, L.A.-based hip hop artist, DBangz has released a new track, "The Source" featuring Jae Zole. The song is sure to build momentum with DBangz' existing fans who listen for his raw and vivid lyricism, intricate rhyme schemes, and tongue-twisting, rapid-fire wordplay.

Despite gaining popularity and building a massive fanbase by age 16, ultimately leading to an 8 week run atop Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart, it’s clear that DBangz has matured as an artist. Thankfully, his fans have remained loyal while also allowing him the space to grow. Even after his initial success and virality, covering the front page of Reddit, amassing hundreds of millions of streams, and securing the bag as an independent artist, DBangz remains humble, staying true to himself and to his craft. Following up 2019's delightful 6 track EP, Keahonui with his prolific project, Been A Long Time in 2020, DBangz has returned to form on his latest track “The Source,” powering up and signaling to fans, there’s more to come soon.

About DBangz:

DBangz is a uniquely talented young rapper with strong lyricical abilities and underground fansbase. He achieved commercial success at the age of 16 after one of his songs went 8 consecutive weeks at #1 on Spotify's Global Viral chart. He's since had a number of successful singles, hit the front page of Reddit, and amassed millions of streams. Despite attaining the spotlight at a young age, DBangz chose to remain independent and used his money to buy his dad 40 acres and a farm before moving from AZ to L.A. when he turned 18. He's continued to refine his sound and skills on a number of subsequent mixtapes, including personal favorites Keahonui (2019) and Been a Long Time (2020). His latest track, "The Source" is from DBangz upcoing project – his most fully realized body of work to-date – which he'll be announcing soon.