• Tallie Spencer

Meet dev: An independent artist quickly establishing a name for himself

Dev (styled 'dev') is an independent artist who's just getting started. He has a unique sound and an undeniable charisma that is visible in every project that he has put out so far.

The Salem, MA native is 22 years old and takes heavy inspiration from the likes of John Mayer, Mac Miller, and Billy Jo Armstrong. His most recent single "Painting Pictures," was released in July 2020 and showcases his storytelling abilities. In a recent interview with Remixd Magazine, dev shared how he got his start in music and some of his inspirations.

"My mom was big on alternative and rock music," dev said. "I guess that’s where I would place most of my music, especially the music I’ve been working on now. I was all over the place as a kid. Always getting into trouble. I guess that’s why I turn to music now, to keep me out of trouble, you know?"

When asked about why he was passionate about music, dev responded "I get all the terrible stuff out of my mind when I’m recording. Mental health is important and having an outlet to get your mind balanced is key."

As a rising talent, dev is quickly establishing a name for himself within the independent music scene.

To keep up with dev and his journey, make sure you follow him on Instagram @dev.us, and check out his music on Spotify below!