• Jason Leal

Devon the Chief and Nef The Pharaoh bless audiences with visual for "Lil Baby"

Updated: May 1

Devon the Chief and Nef The Pharaoh's "Lil Baby" is everywhere, streaming on all platforms now!

Bay Area-born Devon The Chief and Nef The Pharaoh link for an excellent visual for their hit single "Lil Baby." The little over three-minute song features a gripping melodic hook and cadence that will make you fall in love. The song is about love and hanging with your girl and maybe getting into something a little crazy along the way.

The track features a melodic hook from Devon The Chief that boldly stands out and an exceptional verse from Nef The Pharaoh. The song has this harmony and theme that makes the track unique and personable. "Lil Baby" is a vibe, something to put on and drive to with your girl. It is a relationship anthem that makes you want to play it with your significant other.

The visual for "Lil Baby" opens with Devon The Chief & his girl kicked out for having loud sex in a hotel by security. The pair then continue to smoke a blunt in the parking garage and get food, where Devon assaults and confronts a worker leading to his arrest, showcasing a type of hood-love that seeps rawness and passion. The video then transitions to Nef The Pharaoh and his girl being intimate at a photo shoot. The perfect juxtaposition between the two couples. Where one is loud and lawless, passionate, yet the other is intimate and warm yet still just as passionate. The dichotomy of the two couples is what Devon wants you to take away from the video, finding something relatable in the visual from these two couples' spectrum of love.

Devon's goal with music is he hopes his "music touches people in a way to where to they don’t feel alone." Devon's purpose from his melody to the visual is always relating to his audience, allowing a connection of relatability to form. His adaptability and relatability are becoming his most influential asset as Devon is the next artist to watch out for; his cadence, style, and overall charisma are sure to move him to the top of the charts.

Be sure to check out his latest single, "Myself, Pt.2," which dropped on April 14, 2021. Also, make sure to tap in with him Via Social Media @DevonTheChief on all socials.

Check out Devon the Chief and Nef The Pharaoh's latest visual for their track, "Lil Baby," below.