• Jason Leal

Dion Cardell drops gems in his new visual for his track "Red Flags"

Dion Cardell's latest release, "Red Flags," is now streaming on Youtube.

Dion Cardell's latest visual for his track "Red Flags" is full of advice, awareness, and introspection. The visual opens with Dion Cardell telling his "kids" a story about his past life, one you wouldn't typically share with your kids, but Dion makes a point about honesty here that is very beautiful.

Dion gathers his three kids around the bed and tells them a story about his own life. The music starts with Dion rapping about how he first "ignored [his] first red flag."

The video then transitions to a dark screen with the words,"the following recordings are based on true events." The visual then shifts to Dion in the corner of a restaurant, but with the main focus on a couple sitting down for dinner, offering an omniscient presence.

The couple begins their dinner on good terms. Then it switches when the girl believes her date is flirting with the server. A fight ensues, leaving the man there alone, as Dion is still in the background, offering advice bar by bar on the situation. The track is reflective and introspective as Dion tells his kids the hardships of his past relationship, getting engaged, all while finding out that his wife cheated on him. Dion says the track's purpose is to be vulnerable and show audiences what happened to him when he rushed into something.

Dion wanted people to know that "we get ourselves into situations that end up hurting us because we ignored the signs that spoke to us. Sometimes we want the tower so bad that we rush to lay the foundation and end up building something that is bound to fall."

The visual ends with Dion on a cliff by himself overlooking the water as the credits roll then transitions back into the conversation he was having with his kids. He tells his kids he holds no ill will toward his ex because "life throws obstacles sometimes," and "eventually you grow and it gets easier to deal with." He then tells his kids it was all okay because it led him to the man he is today and the family he has now.

Dion delivers an impeccable visual with a beautiful and heartfelt message. From the bars to the aesthetic of how it was shot to the hues of the scenic shots, "Red Flags" is a masterpiece, flawless and full of sentiment.

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Be sure to check out Dion Cardell's latest visual for "Red Flags," streaming now on YouTube.