• Avi Cantor

Doe F.A.M. drops off high energy single "Ridiculous" ft. Don Trip

Updated: Jan 22

"Ridiculous" ft. Don Trip is out now on all platforms.

Doe F.A.M.'s new track "Ridiculous" with Memphis legend Don Trip is a high-energy, murderous anthem that encapsulates F.A.M.'s upbringing and showcases his raw sound.

Born D’Landol Haynes, Doe grew up in St. Louis, the second most dangerous city in the country in 2020. Haynes grew up navigating the treacherous streets of the 'Lou with his mother and brother. His father was absent for much of his life due to being incarcerated for 13 years. However, despite getting into some trouble early in life, music helped guide him in the right direction and was a big part of his family's history.

Hayne's grandfather Ray Brooks was nominated for a Grammy Award in the late 70s for his work on the song "Walk Out Like A Lady" from his album Let's Try Love. The young rapper is also related to legendary rock and roll star Chuck Berry and his mother was involved in the industry as well. F.A.M. began his journey in music in 2012 but didn't start taking music seriously until last year.

Since then, F.A.M. has dropped three singles, including "Ridiculous" and "Tribulations" which have both helped grow his fanbase seemingly out of nowhere. "Ridiculous" in particular has aired on BET Jams’ “Fresh Face Friday”, accumulated over 1.1 Million views on Worldstar, and over 100k streams on Spotify alone.

Looking towards the future, Doe F.A.M. is honing in on perfecting his music and its accompanying visuals as well as dropping new music in 2021.

"My music is good. My visuals are good but they need to be better. I’m still missing something. I also am thinking about featuring another major artist on a song. I don’t wanna drop another project until I have a bigger following. Maybe a EP," he explained.

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