• Jason Leal

Dom .B delivers an angelic project with her latest release, 'While It Lasted'

Dom .B's latest album, While It Lasted, is currently streaming everywhere now!

Dom .B is a rising artist from Burlington, New Jersey. Currently residing in Pine Hill, New Jersey, the R&B singer is becoming an East Coast icon with her sensual and loving sound, bordering on soul music, as you can hear the warm emotional, ethereal sounds in her voice.

"The feedback I get from my peers/fans is what keeps me inspired," she said in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine. "It means the world to me when someone shares how my music has to help them through a tough time. I believe that music truly heals the soul and it is such a blessing to be able to share that with others."

Her latest album, While It Lasted, is a full-length project about love. "A love story from beginning to end" that Dom .B experienced in 2019. This project details everything that happened. As Dom .B describes it as a "rollercoaster" of emotions as she explains the up and downs and turmoil she experienced in the relationship, seen in such songs as "If I Show You," "F.A.B.," "Ruins," and "Dark & Stormy." Dom .B expresses her sentiments on each track, progressing from maybe I should give him a shot to being in love to falling out of love.

Her project is full of love, sentiment, and heartbreak as Dom .B uses her own experiences to craft a flawless album rooted in love and heartbreak.

From being transparent about her vulnerabilities on her lead track, "If I Show You," starring Kam DeLA. The song features a vulnerable and emotional subject matter, delivering hypnotizing vocals, which is the perfect introduction to the album. As she lists her insecurities, being upfront about what she wants in a relationship, ultimately, later in the album, to be let down by a "fake ass boyfriend," on her track "F.A.B."

While It Lasted discusses themes of selfishness, love, and insecurities as Dom .B narrates the progression and decline of her relationship as she navigates the treachery of dating. The album has this flair to it, as Dom .B delivers varying sounds that prove her adaptability on any record.

"I hope that my fans know that they can always expect Dom .B to be open and honest," she said. "When they listen to my music I want them to know that they are not alone in what they are going through and to feel comforted or inspired by my lyrics."

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Stream Dom .B's latest project, While It Lasted, below!