• Michaela Greene

Don Gritty shares a valuable message in his single "Waste No Time"

"Knowing that I have a gift to inspire people with words has pushed me to dedicate my all into my music career"

Don Gritty continues to show his talent for exceptional story-telling. The Atlanta-based artist has re-released the single "Waste No Time" off his 2020 album L.I.F.E Deluxe. This single showcases Don Gritty's passionate lyricism over a futuristic-trap beat, making the single not only catchy but having the potential of gaining the traction it deserves during this second release. The project L.I.F.E. Deluxe only solidifies Don Gritty as a visionary; using music as an outlet to express his life experiences and display his artistic creativity.

"Being able to channel my creativity positively and also having a positive effect on people is what makes me passionate about music. Seeing how my music affects people is inspiring."

"Waste No Time" is accompanied by a visual that effectively brings the song to life. Besides this music video providing great production, a candy-red Lamborghini, and a beautiful girl by his side, Don Gritty relays an important message about living each day with the people you love to the fullest.

"The track is special to me because it’s a song dedicated to my mom, I wrote it after she passed," explained Don Gritty in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine. "The song is expressing my love towards someone special to me that I lost, but I also wrote it metaphorically so that more people can relate to it."

Don Gritty provides an experience that makes listeners not only gravitate to the music, but also gravitate to the man behind the pen. With inspiration from the likes of Tupac, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Andre 3000, it is no wonder why this artist has a knack for creating quality records. By studying the greats and channeling experiences from his upbringing, Don Gritty has a true gift of inspiring others with his words.

"My upbringing has molded me into the person I am today. I can express the good and bad in my music without feeling any regret because I know that there are people in the world who have also experienced similar situations."

Don Gritty is a force to be heard as he speaks about subjects that some artists tend to shy away from. The honesty and transparency that rays from Gritty's music will surely take him far, and fans are waiting to see what else this artist has in store for his career. As Don Gritty continues to build his lane in the rap game, be on the lookout for his upcoming project, My Reign Has Just Begun, releasing this November. For now, stream his latest single "Waste No Time" out now on Spotify!

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