• Tallie Spencer

Donut Da Legend brings the heat with "Double Back" Ft. G Perico

"Double Back" ft. G Perico is out now on all platforms.

South Central/Inglewood is a rising artist Donut Da Legend who has a story to tell. He started his music career just two years ago, but has already put out projects that have gained him a supportive fan base. His newest single, "Double Back" ft. G Perico is no different and shows off Donut's talents in a way that audiences can relate to and ultimately vibe to.

When asked about some of his music career goals for the future, Donut responded "to reach a broader audience and see how the rest of the world feels about my music."

So far, he says the response has been well in terms of he's starting to receive more feedback and more people are tapping in with his music. While Donut's music is diverse and versatile, he brings a new sound to LA that can be considered original. Some of his inspirations include Future, Drake, and 22k. Donut said in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine that he likes going to the studio because "it gives [him] a way to express [his] creativity."

Lastly, he has one message that he hopes people take away from his music.

"I hope fans take away that you can live life the way you want, still be happy, find success and create your own reality."

You can keep up with him on Instagram @DonutDaLegend, and be sure to stream his newest single below!