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DZ releases "Captain Falcon" ahead of his 'Gutz & Glory' project

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

DZ is an upcoming artist from North East Baltimore, who's decided to relocate to Los Angeles, in order to follow his dreams as a music artist. For DZ he looks at music as therapy or meditation for him, it gives him the range to express his creativity and was another route for him to take instead of getting trapped inside the system. "Music gave me hope, inspiration, and even kept me challenging myself. I love a challenge."

His latest single "Captain Falcon" was just released off of his upcoming project Gutz & Glory when asked what the meaning of the title meant to him, he had this to say: "The title Gutz and Glory is my perspective on what it takes to be an artist and entertainer. The way I see it is, you gotta have Guts and a stomach built for this game, because as an artist you're going to witness a lot of things that will try to tear you down on your way to success, but I'm fighting through all of it to get to the glory."

DZ's goal for this project is to reach people domestically and internationally, getting the music out there creates more opportunity and that's just what DZ is looking for. "I want to work with more writers and artists, some of the best work comes out of collaborating with other writers and artists and I want to make the best music I can in my career."

Stream DZ's Latest single "Captain Falcon" and stay tuned for the release of Gutz and Glory coming soon.