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E. Mills is one of the top casting directors in the music scene

His casting company Mill Ticket Entertainment has built legacies and has helped musicians such as Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Offset in selling millions of records worldwide.

Even though thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs come to realize their passion in the city of dreams, only a handful can establish themselves in the current environment. Aside from being passionate, entrepreneurs have to produce results day in and day out and go through many sleepless nights to achieve success. The same statement can be applied to E. Mills of Mill Ticket Entertainment, an LA entrepreneur who trained himself to outwork the competition consistently.

Being the only black aspiring casting director in the industry, he had to overcome many challenges to turn a “behind the scenes job” into a “lifestyle and a brand.” Growing up, he had always been fascinated with the entertainment industry and got into acting at a young age. This career path made him realize the many career opportunities that await in this industry.

After struggling with closed doors for many years, this visionary developed a plan and executed every step to perfection. Driven to succeed, this individual pursued every opportunity until he could turn every “no” into a “yes.”

Fast forward a few years, and now this man has established his brand quite nicely in the city of dreams. He has divided the brand into four divisions, including Music, Sports, Fashion, and Film. All of these divisions follow a specialized pattern to achieve perfection in their respective sectors. With that said, the amazing team behind this brand has assisted many legendary artists in selling millions of records worldwide.

It is truly inspirational how E. Mills didn’t lose hope after struggling with every rejection. Instead, he held on to his vision, and now his brand is one of the most recognized casting companies across the nation. When asked about his journey, he mentioned that having the ability to not take “no” for an answer and keep coming back is what got him to this point.

Now, his work speaks for himself and he's one of the top casting directors in the city.

For all your casting needs, visit his official website here: https://www.millticketcasting.com/.