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Ekumbo connects with Jovie Jovv on "Callback"

"The beat just felt so real to me. We just wanted to say how we really felt on this track, and get it off" Ekumbo unveils of his left field decision to speak on frowned upon topics on new song with Jovie Jovv.

Record producer and singer Ekumbo taps rapper Jovie Jovv (both based in Nairobi, Kenya) for the gushing record "Callback" produced by CAP.

The track sees the two dive deep into their emotions in an immersive record that sounds psychedelically rich. Cap also laces a subtle bass-line that comes through in the midst of the track as Jovie taps into his more sentimental dimension rapping about family, and loyalty.

Bars such as "I hope my father looking down proud of me, I still wonder why you left so suddenly" and "Only thing important to me's family, look in the mirror all I see is you and me," definitely strike a chord.

"It was just a normal day at the studio, vibing," Ekumbo told Remixd Magazine. "Cap playing us beats and when that one came on, it just kinda felt real, you know? We just wanted to say some real stuff that we usually wouldn't and we got one in. Sometimes the best songs just come out spontaneity, not through thinking the nitty gritties, and this was that."

The song is a somber record, but is unique due to the two's collaborations known for leaning towards a more trap, and feel-good pocket.

Stream the track below: